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Abstract Sphere Wood Sculpture

Abstract Sphere Wood Sculpture is an experimental piece in carving.  I make a sphere, then hollowed it out. Next I drew intersecting bands and carve away the negative spaces.  Finally I us paint and decorate with a gesso texture.  I am not sure what it is and not sure if I like it. I think the reason for my disappointment is that it is not as delicate as I imagined. The only reason for posting this item is because the concept does have potential and I will revisit this style again. 


The first step is to make a sphere.  Then I hollow out the interior wood.  This style in Woodturning is known as a Hollow Form.  It takes a bit of practice and a skill set to remove the wood from inside the ball.  This requires special tools the maker uses to remove the wood from the interior and unable is not able to see the cutting process.  With constant measuring and listening to the sound a thin and even wall thickness can be achieved.  Once the hollow ball is complete I draw the design onto the wood and proceed to remove wood with a dental drill. After many hours of filing, sanding Abstract Sphere Wood Sculpture is painted.  If you like this item take a look at another sculpture Stella Meets Mondrian.

Gift Ideas 

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I design and produce all my art in my Montvale, New Jersey, USA studio. Most items begin on a wood lathe to create the form.  Once the form is complete I will work on enhancing the design at the studio bench.  Often this consumes many hours and can stretch over several weeks.  During this time the plan may change as new design opportunities appear.  


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