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A Little Fishy for Woodturning

A Little Fishy for Woodturning is an wood sculpture item that I created in a workshop with Michael Hosulak. Hosulak is an exceptional wood artist that I began to follow when my woodturning journey began in 2009. Even today, his work is so different from what all other master turners are doing. His voice is unique and his style is instantly recognizable. It is whimsical and colorful and the shapes are unlike everything else. Many pieces are downright bizarre.

My Wood Turning Journey

Finally in September of 2019, together with Suzanne Boswell of Dovetail Wood Arts her state of the art studio in Philadelphia we put together an intimate workshop. The workshop was limited to six advanced turners to learn the Hosaluk techniques.

When I began my woodturning journey I was happy to be able to complete a bowl. Then I came across the work that Michael was doing and it blew me away. Did I have the courage to cut up a bowl or a form that took so much time to make? I had no choice. I had to break out of my comfort zone and begin to experiment and develop art that I would find exciting and interesting. It is Michael who gave me the courage to do this. To have the opportunity to be with him in the studio was a highlight of my turning experience.

More About the Hosaluk Process

I consider Michael the Picasso of Woodturning, Michael Hosaluk creates his forms at the Lathe. Then he cuts them up, and reassembles them as new totally unrecognizable forms. It is a woodturning form of Cubism. Then he performs a variety of techniques to embellish and texture the piece that include carving, pyrography and painting.

The technique to make this A Little Fishy for Woodturning was so enjoyable that I made a school of fish. Here is the link for another Fishy item.

My Studio

I design and produce my art in my New Jersey studio, USA.


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