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Round Colored Pencil Pendant

Round Colored Pencil Pendant


Round Colored Pencil Pendant

This is a one of a kind Round Colored Pencil Pendant featuring a cross section of cast color pencils that expose the color dot points.  A clear epoxy resin highlights and protects this unique piece of jewelry. The black metal bezel size  is 1 1/4 inch diameter by 3/8 thick.  The color pencils are visible from both sides of the pendant.  A Black Gun Metal Chain with lobster claw clasp is 24 inches long.

This will make a fashion statement and get attention when worn with any outfit. It is a great conversation piece and it is unlikely any adult will be able to identify colored pencils at first glance.  Ask an adult what the colors are made of and they will not be able to provide an answer.  When you tell them it is color pencils they will respond “Wow.”  Ask a child and they will say color pencils almost immediately. Interesting that we lose this spontaneity as we age.

I have been designing handmade wood jewelry since 2010.  I got the idea that I could cast a block of colored pencils in clear epoxy resin. Once the resin sets up I would be able to cut the block into smaller pieces to make unique jewelry.  The first pieces were color pencil bangle bracelets.  I discovered that as the bangle rotates the shape of the color pencil changes from a dot which is the point to a line of color lead.  This opened up a variety of design opportunities for creating earrings, pendants and cufflinks.

Gift Ideas

  • This will make an exceptional Artist Gift and a Teacher Gift or a gift for that special person in your life.
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  • Please take a look in my Etsy Store for a variety of items.


I design all items in my studio in Montvale, NJ USA.  When you purchase from me, I guarantee that you are getting an original Alan Adler item.  I do not sell items made elsewhere.


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