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Red Poppy Flower Sculpture

Red Poppy Flower Sculpture


Red Poppy Flower Sculpture is a bowl in the shape of a red poppy flower. This wood form features turning, carving and pyrography techniques.  It is approximately 6 inch diameter by 4 inches high. The base tapers to a 2-inch diameter.  If you would like to see another carved item take a look at Maple Seed Pods.

Pyrography is a wood branding technique where a red hot wire is placed onto the wood and leaves a mark.  Boy Scouts call them wood burners and we all remember that they were toys that did not work.  Professional artists and Makers are doing incredible drawing and texture designs with modern high wattage tools.  This will make a wonderful one of a kind unique display piece.

If you collect art or are starting out Red Poppy Flower Sculpture belongs in your collection.  Picture it as a centerpiece on a shelf.  Surely it will be a conversation piece.

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