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Pewter and Wood Ring Box

Pewter and Wood Ring Box


Pewter Ring Box with Wood

This handmade Pewter Ring Box with wood features a heavy-duty vintage pewter machine napkin ring holder.  The hallmark is Kirk Pewter. Over the years of working with wood, I often explore ways to introduce other media into my art.

I have been looking at antique silver napkin rings for some time as they are beautiful items. Especially those of the Georgian and Victorian periods. Those items are too expensive to make into salable items. Recently, I came across napkin rings from the 1960s that are much more affordable.

I enjoy mixing different materials to achieve unique products. With this Ring Box, I am combining a pewter metal core with a turned base and lid. Mixing different materials is a concept that I have previously explored with antique porcelain lids.  Here is the link Antique Quartet

This item combines a block of wood veneer plywood for the base and lid with a pewter napkin ring body.  The overall outside dimensions are 1 3/4 inch diameter x 2 1/2 inches high.  Inside dimensions are 1 3/8 inch diameter by 1 inch deep.  This is an extremely unique item that merges different materials.

This Pewter and Wood Ring Box is perfect to keep your valuable jewelry safe near the kitchen sink or safe on the nightstand.  The days of searching for your missing rings and earrings are over.

Gift Ideas

This will be a wonderful gift for that special friend.  Need a Birthday Gift, Anniversary Gift or Teacher Gift?

All items on this website are produced in my studio in Montvale, New Jersey, USA.

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If you want to brighten up the silver and remove any tarnishing use a silver jewelry paste cleaner to restore the luster.

Jewelry is not included but is available in my store.


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