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Green Christmas Tree Ornamnent

Green Christmas Tree Ornamnent


Green Christmas Coiled Holiday Ornament

I began making jewelry in 2010.  This process of bending wood is a new direction from my initial color pencil items.  What I find so exciting about the creative process is that just doing something and even making a mistake often leads to new ideas like these Coiled Holiday Ornament. I was making Bent Wood Bracelets and something went horribly wrong in the process resulting in significant shrinkage to the Bracelets.  These impossibly tight-fitting bracelets are upcycled into these colorful ornaments.  One idea leads to another. This is a bent and coiled wood Green Christmas Tree Ornament.

I am able to process wood so that I can coil and bend it in a very tight radius without splitting.  This ornament has four coils and two green glass beads. The size 3 x 3 x 3 inches with a red leather hanger cord.  The finished ornament maintains a high degree of flexibility and will not break   There is nothing else like it on the market.  You will not see this style ornament anywhere else.  Artist signature, Alan Adler, on the inside.

Gift Ideas

You will get lots of enjoyment from this Green Christmas Tree Coiled Holiday Ornament.  Perhaps you need a gift for that special friend and family that you share the holidays.  It is a perfect gift for anyone who loves wood and abstract forms.

If you like this ornament take a look at other available items in my store.  Blue Christmas Tree Ornament.  

You may also find something interesting in my Etsy store where you may find something special.


I design all of the items in my  my studio in Montvale, NJ USA.  You can be confident that you are purchasing an original Alan Adler item.  I do not sell items from other sources.



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