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Anise and Cinnamon Link Bracelet

Anise and Cinnamon Link Bracelet


Anise and Cinnamon Link Bracelet

Anise and Cinnamon Link Bracelet is a flexible silver-tone adjustable bracelet with six circular sections with metal links. Each section is 1 inch in diameter. The resin cast spice centerpiece features Anise Stars or Cinnamon sticks  with a clear epoxy resin finish. I cast the spices in resin to form a block.  This block is then put on the lathe and at a very high speed. The block becomes a cylinder with the same diameter as the bezel.  A slice of the cylinder is fit into the bezel and a dome of clear resin sets it in place.

The overall length is approximately 9 inches not including the end chains which brings the overall length to 11 inches. You can adjust the bracelet to a comfortable size with the chain and lobster claw. You can also remove a pencil section with a needle nose plier or let me know and I will do this for you.

This is a transition piece from my colored pencil bracelets to other materials like seed pods.  I am constantly seeking new methods to produce jewelry items.  This will be a great conversation piece to accessorize any outfit. Ask your friends what is in the bezel and most will not be able to say.  When you tell them they will say, WOW.

Gift Ideas

It will also make a wonderful Birthday Gift for that special friend, Who is a Chef or just loves abstract forms.   Don’t forget to head over to my Etsy Store where there are many more unique items.


I design and produce all of my items in my studio in Montvale, NJ USA.  I do not sell products that I do not make.  You have my guarantee that you will always get an original Alan Adler piece.


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