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AA6 - Cinnamon Brooch Pin

AA6 - Cinnamon Brooch Pin


Cinnamon Brooch

Cinnamon Brooch Pin features sticks of Cinnamon that are cast in resin. The process is to pick the best curly sticks and cast them into a block of blue-tinted epoxy resin. The block is then put on a wood lathe.  Then I turn the casting into a cylinder that will fit the 1 1/4 inch diameter silver-tone metal finding.   Once the two pieces are together I dome the brooch with a clear resin which enhances the color and provides exceptional protection.  Do you ever worry that another woman will be wearing the same jewelry at an important event? Won’t happen with this brooch. I am certain you will not see this anywhere else unless it is a copy of my jewelry.

It should be fun to have your friends guess what is in the Pin. I have yet to have someone identify the Cinnamon Swirls. When I tell them that it is Cinnamon they do get it, that is if they know what natural Cinnamon looks like.  I didn’t until I saw them in a spice store and purchased some, not for cooking, but for jewelry.  I can’t cook to save myself, but I can make jewelry so I can eat.  Did you know that Cinnamon is the bark from a tree?  

Gift Idea

This is a perfect Chef Gift, Foodie Gift or someone who loves to cook or maybe eat. If you like this Cinnamon Brooch Pin you may like other items in my store.  Take a look at Star Anise Brooch Pin. 

Still, searching for that special gift? Jump over to my Etsy Shop.


Everything you see on my website is handmade by me.  Should you purchase an Alan Adler item it is an original piece by me from my studio bench in Montvale, NJ USA.  I do not sell any third party items.  You will not see this anywhere else.


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