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Bird Jewelry Box

Bird Jewelry Box


Whimsical Bird Jewelry Box.  Approximately 10 inches tall and composed of various hardwoods.  Top hinges open to secret storage compartment.  This is a bandsaw jewelry box featuring of a variety of woods. The body is cherry, the foot is padauk, the wings are wenge, and the legs and lid are skateboard plywood. 


The back of the bird hinges open up to reveal a storage section for storing valuable jewelry. Who would know about such a secure hiding place? To create these wood birds takes numerous hours and requires a variety of skills using a bandsaw, sanders, lathe, carving chisels, files and more. The process is very rewarding as the bird form takes place. It is great fun to be able to take the 2D sketch to the workbench and complete a 3D project.


Gift Ideas

If you like this Bird Jewelry Box and are looking for a special gift take a look in my store. And if you don’t see anything there I do have an Etsy Shop.



I design and produce all of my items in Montvale, New Jersey, USA.


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