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Big Bang Theory Wood Art

Big Bang Theory Wood Art


Big Bang Theory Wood Art

Big Bang Theory Wood Art is my interpretation of the formation of the Galaxy. The process to make this piece is complicated and probably one of my most challenging pieces.  It is a piece that I had in my mind for several years, but could not figure out how to execute it. The solution came to me one day out of the blue. I went to the studio and began to work on it.  It is one solid piece of Butternut wood.  The axis changes multiple times.  The lathe is spinning at a high speed and removing the wood to shape the spokes which is a little dangerous if you like to keep your fingers intact.

In addition to the Woodturning process, there are carving requirements to clean up edges.  Pyrography creates texture and symbols.  The symbols represent the chemistry of the universe and the birth of a new star.  Pyrography is essentially branding wood with a red hot wire creating lots of smoke and fun.  Airbrush techniques add color to the piece. The size of the object is approximately a 12-inch diameter sphere with lots of open space.

Gift Idea

If you collect art or are starting out this Big Bang Theory Wood Art belongs in your collection.  Picture it as a centerpiece on a shelf.  Surely it will be a conversation piece.  This will make a wonderful gift for that special person in your life.  You know that wood is the Fifth Wedding Anniversary Gift.

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Interested in viewing more of my work.  Hope on over to my Etsy shop.


Big Bang Theory is a One of a Kind piece as are all the items I make in my studio in Montvale, NJ USA.  I sell only the products that I design and execute.  You will always get an original piece when you purchase from me.

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