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Alchemy Vase

Alchemy Vase


Alchemy Vase

Alchemy Vase features tons of character and the markings of an antiquity relic. Picture this piece in a museum or at auction.  It is made so that it no longer lookslike wood, but that of a metal object centuries old. This is one of my favorite themes.  The base portion is treated with oxidized copper paint and the top portion appears as hammered iron. 

This turned textured and painted maple vase is finished with a copper patina an a combination of airbrushed colors.  The style is Hollow Form which means the opening at the top is smaller than the diameter of the vase.  Special techniques are necessary to remove the interior wood which is not visible to the artist.  Dedicated tools and patience are necessary to create a Hollow Form Vase.   This vase will be a beautiful centerpiece for your table or display shelf.  The size is 6 1/2 inch diameter by 5 1/2 inches tall.  Signed by the artist, Alan Adler, on the base.

Gift Ideas

This item will be perfect in your home or as a gift to a special friend.  How about a 5th Anniversary Wedding Gift which happens to be wood?  Birthday Gift, Retirement Gift.  You can check out other wood vases you may like in my store especially this Oak Burl Vase.

You may also want to check out my Etsy Store.


I design and all the items on this website in my studio in Montvale, NJ USA. When you make a purchase from AATurning  I guarantee that you will receive an original item.  I never sell any third party items.

Care for your Alchemy Vase

  • Keep out of direct sunlight
  • Minimize exposure to wide swings in humidity levels
  • Do not wash with water, if necessary use only a damp cloth
  • Wax lightly with a quality food safe wax or oil and buff to restore the luster.  I like beeswax, walnut oil or mineral oil.

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