Colored Pencil Keepsake Box


Colored Pencil Keepsake Box



Colored Pencil Keepsake Box

This  Colored Pencil Keepsake Box features six stunning sides of wonderful colors.  It is an extremely unique and colorful jewelry organizer, nicknack box or memory box.
I cast a block of color pencils and then slice it up to create 1/4 inch thick panels.  Next I glue them together to form a cube.  Then each side receives a dome of clear epoxy resin to enhance the colors and add a protective finish.  It takes days of work to finish each box at the studio bench.  This is a great Keepsake Box for jewelry items on a nightstand. The inside dimensions are 2 x 2 x 2  inches.

This is a great Teacher Gift, Artist Gift or Anniversary Gift.  You know that wood is the Fifth Wedding Anniversary Gift.


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All the items that I offer are made in my studio in Montvale NJ USA.  Each item is original and limited in production.  I do not sell any third party items.

Since I produce many items with colored pencils I thought it would be interesting to look up the history of this art media.  There is no mention of colored pencils being used for anything other than for writing and drawing.  Maybe someone will add the use for jewelry making on Wikipedia and so that your piece will become more valuable while making me famous and I can raise my prices. Take a look

Jewelry not included but is available in my store



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