These Tableware Items are custom made salt and pepper shakers that I create on the wood lathe.  They feature food safe stainless steel caps and rubber stoppers.  These stoppers will last many more years than a cork plug which will disintegrate over time.

These salt and pepper shakers display a variety of wood species that include maple, ash, sycamore, walnut and more.  Each exhibits its own character and unique qualities.

For thousands of years going back to the ancient Egyptians the use of the wood lathe is to make utilitarian items.  And the purpose being primarily to make objects to prepare and serve food.  It was not until the early 1970’s when a revolution began in the turning community. The movement began moving away from producing these practical items to that of wood art and wood sculpture.

Most turners begin their journey and gain experience by turning bowls and platters.  Then as they develop their skill set they may move on to creating non essential objects.  This exploration of techniques and ideas takes them down new paths.   This is the area I enjoy most and that is using the wood as a canvas. To be able to create something original and unusual is so rewarding.

I design and produce all my utilitarian items like these tableware items and wood art and sculptural pieces in my studio in Montvale, New Jersey, USA.  My primary machine is the Robust Wood Lathe to make the form.  Once the shape is complete I will spend a good deal of time enhancing and finishing the product.  This may include staining, carving, pyrography which is a branding technique and finishing with a protective coating.

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