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Maple Tree Seed Sculpture - Wood Art

Maple Tree Seed Sculpture - Wood Art


Maple Tree Seed Leaves Sculpture Vase

As with much of my art, I get inspiration from Nature.  Seeds and seed pods fascinate me as miniature sculptures.  Over the years I have produced many seed sculptures borrowing from Mother Nature.  This Maple Tree Seed Leaves sculpture Vase features both skills on the lathe and hand carving at the studio bench.  The goal is to remove as much negative space as possible so that the seeds seem to be falling from the trees that I recall as a kid. Paints and stains capture the autumn colors.  The size of this vase is 3 1/2 inch diameter at the top by 6 inches tall tapering to 1 1/2 inch diameter base.

As kids growing up in Brooklyn these seed pods were everywhere in the fall.  They came spinning down from the Maple trees like helicopter blades. We would peel open the seed exposing a sticky surface and then attach them on our nose.  I guess we were easy to entertain and it was innocent fun.  My grandchildren do not find it entertaining when I try to attach the seed to their noses.

This maple tree seed sculpture vase is a perfect Display Piece. It casts great shadows with proper lighting. If you are collecting Art this is a piece that will look great in your home.  My signature is on the bottom.


This sculpture is made in the USA, Montvale, NJ as are all of my items.  I have no assistants and I do not sell items that I do not make.

Gift Ideas

This piece of  Wood Art will be perfect in your home or an exceptional Valentine’s Day gift for that very special person.

Care for Seed Sculpture

  • Keep out of direct sunlight while minimizing exposure to swings in humidity levels
  • Do not wash with water and if necessary use only a damp cloth


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