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Cherry Red Vase - Jewelry Keeper - Pet Urn - Decorative Vase

Cherry Red Vase - Jewelry Keeper - Pet Urn - Decorative Vase


This is a wood turned decorative vase with a nineteenth century hand painted antique European nineteenth porcelain lid. The lid does have a few chips in it, but it is well over 150 years old and survived its base. The wood is Maple bright cheery red dye coloring. 

The Woodturning style is known as a Hollow Form. The top opening is very small and special hook shape tools are required to remove the interior wood.  The Maker cannot view the cutting process and is guided by sound and constantly measuring the removal of the wood.  It does take a lot of skill and practice to accomplish this method.  

This piece can also be used as a Pet Urn. Once the ashes are in place seal the lid to the base with clear silicone glue... the same stuff you would use to seal bath tub tile. Readily available in any hardware store.  

The size is 6 1/2 inches high and a 5 inch diameter.  I found this lid in an antique store and knew I could fashion a new wood base for this lid. I hope you enjoy this collaboration with an artist from the past. Signed on the bottom by me.

This will make a wonderful gift and unique display piece. One of a kind.


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