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Christmas Ornament

Christmas Ornament


Christmas Ornament

Unique colored pencil Christmas Ornament will be a great addition for your Holiday Tree Decorations.   I cast a block of color pencils and then cut it up to create the final size of the ornament.  It then gets sanded and coated with clear epoxy resin.  A one of a kind piece that exhibits wonderful colors from the points of the pencils that look like they are floating in air.  The size is approximately 2  inches by 2  inches by 1/4 nch thick. My signature, Alan Adler, is on the rear of the piece.

Great conversation piece as few people will identify the dots as color pencils. Ask an adult what they see and they will not be able to tell you.  When you say ” Colored Pencils” they will respond “Wow.”  Ask a child and they will say “Colored Pencils.”

Since I produce many items with colored pencils I thought it would be interesting to look up the history of this art media.  There is no mention of color pencils for anything other use than writing and drawing.  Maybe someone will add the use for jewelry making on Wikipedia and so that your piece will become more valuable and i will be able to increase my prices.

Gift Ideas

Picture this on your Desk. Need a Teacher Gift, Artist Gift or a gift for that special person in your life?  This is a no brainer Christmas Gift.  If you like this Christmas Ornament there are other items in my store you may appreciate.  Take a look at Red Holiday Ornament.

I also have an Etsy store and there are items there that may be of interest to you.  Please take a look around.


I design all the items that I offer in my studio in Montvale NJ USA.  Each item is original and limited in production.  I do not sell any third party items.



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