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Catch All Dish of Symbols

Catch All Dish of Symbols


Catch-All Dish of Symbols

This is a one of a kind Catch-All Dish of Symbols.  It is a great little walnut bowl for keys and jewelry.  Keep on your nightstand or by the sink and you will always know that your treasured items are safe.  It features pyrography which is a branding technique by applying red hot wires to the wood surface.  The wood-burning decorative symbols are spirals, stars, water, land, and flora that I use throughout my work.  I am telling a story with these symbols and overtime you will get the message, I hope.  If not contact me.  The coloring is achieved with an airbrush.  I am able to lay down colorful shades of stains to enhance the design. My artist’s signature is on the bottom.

Pyrography Lesson

I have made mention of Pyrography a number of times here and other places.  It is a technique for drawing on wood with a hot iron or wire.  It is burning a mark into the wood leaving a recess that creates an image.  When we were Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts we did wood burning with a tool that was not effective due to the low wattage.  Essentially it was a toy.  Professional Pyrography tools allow an artist to make incredible photorealist art.  Learn more here

Gift ideas

This Catch-All Dish of Symbols will be an exceptional gift for that special friend in your life.  Thinking of a Birthday gift or Anniversary Gift?

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I design and produce every item that is on this website in my studio in Montvale, NJ USA. All items are original and unique.  I do not sell items made by third parties.


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