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Acorn and Pinecone Vase

Acorn and Pinecone Vase


Acorn and Pinecone Vase

Truly one of a kind handmade Acorn and Pinecone Vase.  This Acorn and Pinecone Vase features tons of character making this a one of a kind piece. I cast a whole bunch of acorns and pinecones in resin and then turned the block into a stunning Acorn and Pinecone vase. This will make a great jewelry holder on a nightstand. No more searching for your rings in the morning. Everyone is attracted to this piece due to the bold colors.  No one has been able to identify the materials that make up the vase. Have fun challenging your friends.

I turned this piece on a wood lathe and finished over several days on the studio bench. The size is 4 inch diameter by 4 1/2 inches high. My artist signature, Alan Adler is on base.  This is an excellent display and art piece that will compliment any home decor especially one of an art collector.

Gift Ideas

This one of a kind item will be perfect in your home or as a gift.  Need a Birthday Gift, Housewarming Gift,  Gardener Gift or Teacher Gift, Gift for a Squirrel Lover?

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Care for your Acorn and Pinecone Vase

  • Keep out of direct sunlight
  • Minimize exposure to wide swings in humidity levels
  • Do not wash with water, if necessary use only a damp cloth
  • Wax lightly with a quality food safe wax or oil and buff to restore luster


I design and produce all my items in my Montvale, New Jersey, USA studio.  When you purchase from my store I guarantee that you are getting an original piece.  I do not sell any third party items.

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