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Wooden Butterfly Vase

Sometimes a good shape needs something more. The form of this Wooden Butterfly Vase wooden vase was bland and boring. It needed color. I began to teach myself Airbrushing as I could not find a place to take lessons. It was a very painful experience with lots of failures. I had to hunker down and spend weeks figuring it out. Adjusting the spray, mixing the colors and most importantly keeping the airbrush from clogging. Finally, I was able to make progress and now use this tool often.

Early on in my woodturning experience I was drawn to different methods to decorate wood. At the time there was and still is a lot of resistance from “The Wood Purists” who believe that wood should not be treated with any color. I find this to be a ridiculous limitation for the art form. Wood is another type of a canvas.

This Wooden Butterfly Vase is airbrushed and then finished with a high gloss protective coating.  The size is 3 1/2 inch diameter by 6 inches tall.  It amazes me how much this hobby pushes my comfort zone.  Take a look at some of my other airbrushed items.

To make a deep vase is much more challenging than making a bowl. The opening is narrow with a greater depth. I use a Steady Rest tool to support the vase as it is spins. Without a Steady Rest turning can become dangerous should the wood fly off the chuck. When that happens duck, pray and check your body for damage.

Gift Ideas

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This vase is a unique piece as are all the items that I make in my studio in Montvale, New Jersey, USA.


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