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We the People Platter

We the People Platter features an engraving inspired by the Declaration of Independence. This is perhaps one of the most important and powerful documents of all time.  Laser cut on a wood platter with a small cavity to hold your rings on a nightstand.  The size is approximately 7 inches by 7 inches by 2 inches high.

This is a laser-cut historic document burned into a platter that is turned on a wood lathe.  The process is to turn a square block on a lathe. This creates the sloping edges on the underside of the platter.  Next, I laser etch the piece with the document.  There is a small cavity in the center that will hold a ring on a desk or a nightstand.  Leave it in the kitchen so you have a safe place to keep you ring during food preparation and clean up.  This is also a great centerpiece or display piece.

Gift Ideas

If you like We the People Platter there are other interesting laser etched items in my store.  Some are from the US Patent office including patent applications for an early typewriter and machinery gears as well as early Japanese prints. Wood Koi Fish Platter.   This will make a great gift item for a Fifth Wedding Anniversary which happens to be wood.  Also, for your friend who likes Goldfish.

There are additional items in my Etsy Shop.


I design all the items on this website in my studio in Montvale, NJ USA. The primary tool that I use is the wood lathe.  With this machine I will shape the form.  Then in order to complete the piece secondary operations are required.  With this piece I engraved the wood with a high power laser.  Then I sanded it and finished it with a food safe protective coating.


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