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Vintage Oil Can Jewelry Box

The design concept for this Vintage Oil Can Jewelry Box series came about from my collection of very cool steampunk antique oil cans. I wanted an interesting way to display them and at the same time bring them back for a useful purpose. I got the idea to use the oil can as a finial. Many turners make ornate wood finials and I saw the spigot of the oil can as that finial. The goal was to make a variety of different geometric shape bases in different colors to compliment the oil cans. The oil can will be tight fitting and make a popping when removing it from its base. These items make exceptional jewelry boxes for men to store rings, cufflinks or metal chains.

The challenge is to make a base that works with the oil can shape and size. There are an infinite amount of shapes and color combinations to invent. These pieces represent a throw back in time for DIY folks. I think that every grandfather had a thumb oil can in the basement to keep the furnace motor running. This is what I hear at craft fairs. Someone walks up and says, “There is one just like that in my Grandfather’s house.”

The oil can fits snugly into the wood base and will make a great place to hold jewelry on a nightstand or just an interesting conversation piece on a desk.

Gift Idea

This is a great gift for that special handyman or gal or Grandfather.

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All the items that I offer are made in my studio in Montvale NJ USA. Each item is original and limited in production.


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