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Spalted Oak Vase

Spalting Process

Spalted Oak Vase with spalting patterns.  As a tree decays Spalting occurs.  It produces black line patterns from mineral deposits and fungi as they enter the log.  As the process continues the wood becomes punky and falls apart.  There is a short period of time when the spalting is useful before the wood becomes unusable.  The woodworker has a narrow window to mill the log into usable lumber.  Once the log is processed into lumber the spalting process stops.   The size of this vase is 4.25 inch diameter by 9.75 inches high.

Vase vs. Bowl

A vase like Spalted Oak Vase is more difficult to make than a bowl due to the depth and being able to reach the base with the available tools.  With a bowl the turner has easy access to the bottom of the form.  Also, on a technical level most bowls have the wood grain running horizontal to the form.  With a vase the maker is cutting directly into the end grain which is more complicated to produce quality finish.

I enjoy making vase forms and continuing with a decorative process which may include carving or painting.  This is a very early piece and my goal was to achieve a tall narrow vase. Once I was capable of producing a vase my interest turned to adding decorative processes to the form.  Here is a vase with airbrush decoration.  Butterfly Vase

Gift Ideas

If you are looking for a special gift take a look at my store on this site.  You know that the gift for a Fifth Wedding Anniversary is wood.  How about a beautiful vase for a home decor accessory.  If you do not find what you are looking for take a look at my Etsy Shop.


I design all my art in my New Jersey Studio, USA.


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