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Sea Worms Wood Sculpture

Design Opportunity From Bowl To Sculpture

Sea Worms Wood Sculpture that started as a bowl gone bad.  As the wood dried the bowl twisted into an ugly shape. This became a design opportunity which is when the Maker is thrown off his path and has to decide if the there is an alternative solution or does the piece become firewood.  I looked at it for months and decided to go at it with a jig saw shaping the parts and reassembling with metal pins. I believe I was able to achieve the motion effect that I have seen in videos of swarming sea worms.  All the parts are from that one bowl that required secondary carving, sanding and staining operations.  The final size is 15 x 15 x 4 inches.

Learning From Others

Early on in my wood turning journey I came upon the work of Betty Scarpino.  Betty would make a form on a lathe and then proceed to cut it up.  Because I was new to turning and each piece took a long time to create I was fascinated that Betty was doing this.  Then this design opportunity for the Sea Worms Wood Sculpture presented itself I thought of the art Betty was creating. This was a pivotal movement in my journey that freed me to explore many new frontiers in creating my art.  I had an opportunity to meet Betty several years later and we discussed the influence she has had on my work.

Here is another piece where I cut up a vase form and reassemble into a new item.  I call it Stella Meets Mondrian and it combines the type of shapes Frank Stella cuts from metal and the primary colors of Mondrian’s paintings.  Stella Meets Mondrian


Should you be looking for a special gift item please take a look in my store on the website.  All items are handmade in my studio in Montvale, New Jersey, USA.


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