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Scallop Shell Wood Bowl

My goal was to make a piece that did not have perfect machine like cuts. I wanted something inspired by nature that was irregular and balanced at the same time. Scallop Shell Wood Bowl is a Natural Edge Maple bowl. Using power carving tools to cut the flutes I am able to create the organic scallop sea shell form. The size is approximately 6 inch diameter by 3 inches high.

Revolution in Wood Turning

The process of turning wood goes back to the ancient Egyptians. The main function was to produce utilitarian pieces for preparing and consuming food. This lasted until the mid 1900’s when there were a few breakout moments with Makers using the lathe to create art pieces. Wood artists began to carve and paint wood. This movement was not welcomed by many in the so called wood turning establishment. When I began my journey in 2008 and quickly moved to decoration I received a great deal of resistance from my guild. The old timers brushed off my work as a fade. A few even left the group when other members took an interest in what I was doing and began to incorporate these techniques in their work.

If you like Scallop Shell Wood Bowl here is another piece that I consider innovative.  It is certainly not good for holding cereal. 

Gift ideas

If you are looking for a unique gift several galleries represent my work and you can check out my work. 


I produce all items in my studio in New Jersey, USA. My primary machine is the American Beauty lathe made by Robust and considered one of the best for accuracy and reliability. With this tool I create the form. Sometimes this is quicker than the amount of time I will spend refining the piece making it unique.


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