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Rory Wood Bowl

Silent Auction Donation

Rory Wood Bowl is quilted and spalted maple.  A friend approached me for a donation for a silent auction for his young niece who was battling cancer.  I made this bowl for Rory who has recovered. Delighted to play a small part in the healthy recovery of a very ill child.

Maple Patterns

Maple is an interesting wood for woodworkers. Typically the material is available with a straight grain.  The color is a consistent whitish yellow.  Then there are a variety of patterns that make the wood more interesting and more expensive. The pattern shown in the Rory bowl is quilted Maple and it exhibits wave patterns.  Then there is burl which is my favorite. The grain runs in many different directions. You can identify burl wood as that bump on a tree trunk.  Also, there is birds eye which features dots that look like eyes.

Here is an example of maple Burl. Natural Edge Maple Burl Platter

Gift Ideas

If you like the Rory Wood Bowl and are looking for a similar item for yourself or a good friend and do not see something that interests you in my store take a look at Etsy.


I design all my pieces in my. Montvale, New Jersey, USA studio.  I divide my time between the wood lathe and secondary operations at the studio bench.  It is possible that I will be at the workbench much more time than it takes to make the piece on the lathe.  It is at the bench that the piece takes on its own personality. Several techniques are available including pyrography, carving, staining.   Pyrography is a wood branding technique. A red hot wire presses into the wood making a depression.  Carving is done with chisels, but I prefer power tools with burrs that remove wood quickly.  Painting and finishing indicates the part is complete.


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