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Planet Earth Wood Sphere


This turning of the Planet Earth Wood Sphere features pyrography, also known as wood burning features symbols for water, land and life. The wooden sphere is freehand turned on a wood lathe. I then spend many hours at my studio bench in Montvale, NJ USA creating the story. With a high wattage pyrography tool I brand symbols into the wood ball. Then I airbrush colors to highlight the symbols. Explore the Planet Earth Wood Sphere and you will discover water, birds, mountains, stars and land.


Want to learn more about pyrography? Remember those wood burners they gave us in the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts that did not work. What a waste of time and a way to shut down creativity. Today, Makers are doing realistic illustrations with pyrography tools. Take a look at what is available in the market.

A sphere can be turned on a lathe with special jigs to make a perfect sphere. The other method is a freehand approach. This the way I prefer to make wooden balls on a lathe. I begin by mounting a wood block on the lathe and turn it into a cylinder. I then measure the diameter of the cylinder and mark measurement onto the length of the cylinder. This will be the size of the finished ball. I find the center between these two lines and start to make opposing arcs off this center mark. Working both sides slowly and with care a near perfect sphere can be made. It does take some practice and is very satisfying to develop this skill set.

Here is a link to another one of my items that features pyrography.


I design and produce all of my items in my studio in Montvale, New Jersey, USA. My primary tool is the wood lathe to create the form. Once this is complete I will spend time at the workbench refining the piece.


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