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Meteorite Crater Bowl


Sometimes wood is dreadfully ugly and needs some help.  My plan for Meteorite Crater Bowl is a bowl with heavy walls.  Once I had the form there was no hope for the wood so I went after it with high speed burs, pyrography tips and leather dye. I like it now especially as it is in a new home.  Size is 11 inch diameter by 4 Inches tall.

Meteorite Crater Bowl is what I refer to as a design opportunity.  This is when things do not  follow the plan the maker must find an alternative solution.  The wood was soft and there was a lot of tear out which leaves an unacceptable finish.  The solution was to use a pyrography tool to brand the entire surface and then to stain it black. If you like Meteorite Crater Bowl here is another piece using pyrography decorations. Genesis Wooden Bowl

Pyrography Decorations

Pyrography is a branding technique accomplished by applying a red hot wire to the wood surface.  I shape the wires to represent symbols for water, land, life and the galaxy. Combining these symbols can tell a story.

Wood Purists

There are Wood Turning Purists who object to painting wood. This to me is a ridiculous restriction for creativity.  Wood is just another type of canvas and it grows on trees.  Why would anyone want to limit creative opportunities? How do these restrictive rules come about?  I wonder what would be in museums if there were canvas purists.  I did receive a lot of grief from club members when I came in with painted bowls.  Now many of them are using paint on their pieces. Behaviors can be changed.


I design and produce all my art in my Studio in Montvale, New Jersey, USA. I divide my time between the wood lathe and the workbench where secondary operations take place that make each item unique


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