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Madrone Bowl Stack

This Madrone Bowl Stack is a group of 4 turnings.  Madrone is a wood that changes shape when it dries.  The objective is to understand if the deforming of four small wood vessels would be consistent if they come from the same wood block. If so, they should all be similarly asymmetrical.  By stacking them and twisting them slightly the orientation should allow them to stack vertically or nest into each other.  The sizes range from  2.5 inch diameters to 1.5 inches.

The wood is Madrone which will warp as it dries.  It is a wonderful material to work with as it offers unique organic forms that develop in a short time after the product is formed.  I have made many individual pieces with this wood and plan that they will warp and add character. The experiment here is to see if four vessels will warp similarly and they did.  With a slight twist in orientation they stack.  Line them up and they fit into each other.  All the pieces came off the lathe perfectly round and later became oval in shape.  A successful experiment predicting consistency while drying.

If you like this Madrone Bowl Stack here is another piece made from the same material. Sea Lace Urchin

Gift Ideas

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I design all of my items in my New Jersey, USA studio.  My time usually begins with forming a piece on the lathe and completing secondary operations at the workbench. These may involve carving, piercing, pyrography, painting and airbrushing.  It is these details that bring a piece to life and make it unique and special. The time that it takes to complete a piece is not that important as I am not a production turners.  I do this because I love the creative process.


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