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Faux Antique Vessel

Faux Antique Vessel is an example of a piece where a wood object looks like metal.  I take great pride in being able to do this.   It is a theme that I often pursue.  The viewer will pick it up believing it is metal.  Madrone wood changes shape as it dries after turning making it a perfect material for producing organic shapes.   If you hold this piece in your hand you would be certain it is metal.  The process is to turn the wood shape, paint it with copper and then oxidize the paint creating the antique patina effect.

Faux Antique Vessel is a Hollow Form style of woodturning which requires skill and remove most of the interior wood through a small opening.  The maker uses special hook shape tools.  Unable to see into the opening he relies on calipers and removes the interior wood creating a thin wall.

This process was developed by David Ellsworth in the 1970’s.  It is a form popular with glass blowers and ceramists.  David envisioned wood in this style. The challenge is that wood turning removes material. Ceramics and glass add material. A block of wood is static. It cannot be made larger.

From Utility to Art Form

This technique is revolutionary in making wood an art form.  Ellsworth shares this technique with other turners. Because of his lead there is a tradition that if you ask a woodturner how they make something they will share their knowledge. This is not true in the other crafts. Ask a jeweler how they make their piece and watch them clam up.

Here is a link to another hollow form piece Ambrosia Hollow Form Bowl


I produce all of my items in Montvale, NJ USA studio.  I divide my time between the lathe and finishing at the workbench.


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