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Elm Dog Burl

Wood Sculpture

Elm Dog Burl is a sculptural form. For years a large piece of Elm Burl sat on my shelf. Not sure what I will make from it, it just sat there. I began to notice animal forms peering out of the wood. Perhaps it should remain as it is and not lose those feature which would happen if I would turn a bowl. I began by cleaning up the front surface with a little carving around the edges. Then removing wood from the rear to mirror the front and lighten the mass. Do you see all the animals I see … owl, dog, bear, seal?

There is no doubt in my mind that had I made a bowl it would be beautiful. This Burl wood has tons of character. I believe I made the correct choice to preserve the physical and natural beauty of this Elm Dog Burl. Sometimes it takes patience and willpower to wait for the appropriate solution to formulate. This is my first large sculpture.


Many of my bowls and art forms have sculptural elements. I use power tools, hand chisels, grinders, dental drills to remove wood and create details and texture. This is not the direction I thought is would be going when I began to turn. It is fascinating to me how the creative process takes a Maker down different paths. Keeping an open mind and the desire to improve one’s art is exciting and important towards developing your Voice.

Gift Ideas

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I design and produce all of my art in my Montvale, New Jersey, USA studio. Although my main tool is the wood lathe I find myself spending more time at the workbench developing other techniques to enhance my art.


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