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Duncan Cross Bowl


My friend and mentor is an active member of his church. I made this Duncan Cross Bowl  to thank him for his help during a difficult business period. It starts with a square Sapele wood block that I cut into four sections. Next I laminate Wenge wood strips to form the cross. The square then goes to the wood lathe and I turn a bowl with the cross.  The size is 7 Inch diameter by 2 inches tall.

This is an early attempt at making a bowl with several species of contrasting color woods.  I was not certain that the concept would work, but it as clear in my mind the process and steps to get to end result.  It is very rewarding to be able to conceive a concept and then implement the envisioned goal.

If you like this Duncan Cross Bowl here is another interesting vase with an insert of color pencils

Bowl Gift Ideas

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I design and produce my items in my Montvale New Jersey USA studio. My favorite machine is the wood lathe, but I may spend as much time at the workbench doing finishing work to complete the decoration. The time preparing the wood blank for this bowl most likely exceeds the time to turn the form on the lathe.  The pieces are cut on a table saw and I reassemble them at the workbench.  Once the glue is dry, I complete the bowl on the lathe.  Then back to the bench for final sanding and a protective finish.   Should someone ask how long did it take to make that piece the answer is complicated.  There is time to figure out the process, plus the obvious physical time to produce the piece.


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