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Chinese Bi On Burl Stand

Meaning of Bi

Chinese Bi On Burl Stand represents the ancient Chinese object to aid passage to eternity. I hope you have a Zen experience seeing this and not hunger pangs for a donut.  This style Chinese Bi can be seen in major museum collections.  Usually they are either precious stone or Jade. They first appear in 2000-5000 BC as a ritual burial function for Chinese Royalty. There is conflicting information on their exact purpose.  The story that I like best is that they are symbols of the heaven and sun and ward off evil allowing the passage of a spirit.


It is not often that I find wood with such gorgeous patterns. The Bi is Maple Burl with unusual markings created from spalting.  Instead of using this wood for a utilitarian item like a bowl it had a higher calling like a Bi.  The stand is maple Burl with a natural edge top.  I connect the components with a brass rod.  In modern society this item will bring you comfort and help you relax. During my trips to China I see Bi’s selling everywhere, but mostly as a necklace pendant. My signature is on base.

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If you are in the need for a special gift and do not see something on the website and you have some time I do have an Etsy store with plenty of unique items.

All Wood Art on my website is handmade by me.  Here is a lnk to my Etsy Shop. When you purchase from me I guarantee that you are getting an original piece.  I do not sell any third party items.


I design and produce all items in my Montvale, New Jersey, USA studio.


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