Tabi’s Chair on WOW Cover

Tabi’s Chair on WOW Cover

Honored with the Cover Photo for Tabi’s Chair on WOW. When a grandchild turns age two I make a chair based on their interest. Looking forward to seeing Tabi develop her artistic expression.

The WOWS is a large group of extraordinary talented wood turners and artists practicing their craft and sharing ideas. Visit: to see other award winning items like Tabi’s Chair on WOW Cover

I think Tabitha is developing an interest in arts and crafts.  The chair features many components made on the lathe.This is the fifth chair grandchild chair. Everyone is different fun to make. The kids looks forward to their second birthday to see what grandpa will come up with. I think that these chairs will become family heirlooms. I can see the joy they get from their chairs.

The seat is made of pencils. The back is a series of giant paint brushes. The arms feature paint tubes dripping paint. The side rails feature artist pallets. And the arm supports are a giant colored pencil and a Number 2 drawing pencil.

Let’s see if Tabi follows the interest of her Mother and Grandfather.  I do know that she loves this Adirondack Style Chair. Looking forward to watching Tabi develop her artistic expression. 

Here is the link to a chair I made for my Granddaughter Charlotte interested in music.

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I design all of the items in my studio in Montvale, NJ USA.  

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