Lamp Parts Commission

Ceramic Vase Lamp Commission

Commission work is a part of the art that I do each year. It is always fun and challenging . It requires a high level of focus because I have a dual responsibility to fulfill the needs of the client as well as maintaining my standards of excellence. This Ceramic Vase Lamp Commission required transforming a vintage ceramic vase into a lamp. I turned a walnut base and a ball shape top. Thus making this mid century vase a contemporary home decor item.

As with all commission work like Ceramic Vase Lamp Commission the moment of truth is when I deliver the product to the client. Most times everything is perfect. Sometimes adjustments may be required. Not every solution transfers from the paper idea to the 3D part. There is a give and take between exception, interpretation and function. These things are resolved with discussions on what can be done to move from the idea phase to the first presentation and then the final product. The whole process is rather interesting and fun to watch the customer come to a place where they are very happy.

Here is a commission for a family honoring the passing of their dad.

Here is a link to some interesting ideas the artist and client should be aware of when working on a commission assignment. I do not follow all these rules. Worth a read if you are considering working with an artist.

I design and produce all my items in my studio in Montvale, New Jersey, USA.

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