Walnut Bowl with Colored Pencil Rim

Walnut Bowl with Color Pencil Rim

Stunning Walnut Bowl with Color Pencil Rim. The wood is from an Estate in Westchester. Due to a restoration project the large Walnut tree became an obstacle for the project.. The good news is that all of the usable wood became new wooden items. The mill aware of my work, made a gift to me of several logs to craft woodturning bowls. The large sections from the tree truck became natural edge tables from the cut slabs. The wood lives on in home decor items and furniture. It would be a shame if it the wood became firewood.

The Walnut Bowl with Color Pencil Rim is cut on a wood lathe to create the bowl form. I then cut a recess around the rim of the bowl and by hand insert color pencils into the recess. I flood the recess with tinted resin and goes back to the lathe for furnishing. The final steps are to seal the pencils in a dome of clear resin, coat the bowl with a food safe oil finish and finally buff and polish.

This style with color pencil around the rim of a bowl or a vase are now my signature prices. Each one is unique in size and wood species. You can see more examples in my store https://www.aaturning.com/product/oak-bowl-with-colored-pencil-rim/.

There are also many other choices available in my Etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/aaturning

I design all my items in my studio in Montvale, NJ USA

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