Optical illusion bowl

Optical Illusion Bowl

This Optical Illusion Bowl is a large Beech Wood Bowl. It features carved grooves and a painted surface. The wood was rather bland and needed something extra. So I cut deep concentric grooves into the surface and painted the recesses blue. The lines appear to vibrate playing a trick on the eyes as what happens with a moire effect.

Many wood turners are happy making bowls and showing off the wood. For me wood is a canvas and sometimes it requires different finishing techniques. I will use paint, carving, pyrography which is a wood burning or branding technique. Until the mid 1970’s wood turning was primarily dedicated to making utilitarian items for eating and food preparation. A movement began at that time to break that paradigm and the craft started to move towards an art form. This is what I enjoy and I am very happy to see how barriers come down each year.

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I design all my items in my studio in Montvale, New Jersey USA.

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