Lecoff Retirement Gift

LeCoff Retirement Gift

LeCoff Retirement Gift is a vase for my friend Albert LeCoff, the founder of the Center for Art in Wood, I don’t think that there is anyone has done more than Albert to promote Wood Art. I am forever grateful for his support.

The Center for Art in Wood is a museum with the largest collection of wood art in the world. I made a visit to the museum during my first year of turning. Albert was at the front desk and welcomed me. We had a long discussion about the founding artists and where I was going on my journey. As the years progressed I got to know Albert and he invited me to sell my art in the museum gallery. I have yet to have a piece in the museum and that is on my bucket list. It is an honor that Albert keeps this piece in his home and wears my color pencil cuff links when on a cruise.

LeCoff Retirement Gift is truly a one of a kind handmade airbrush decorative color pencil vase. This stunning Wood Vase features a row of colored pencils surround the top rim. They add so much character to make this a one of a kind piece. Pyrography symbols are added with a red hot wire.  

I turned this piece on a wood lathe and then finished it over many days at the studio bench. My artist’s signature, Alan Adler is on the base.

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