Handmade Flower Printed Platters

Art Nouveau Ring Holder

Art Nouveau Ring Holder is an engraving of a vintage Victorian print.  Designs like these are from vintage books and wall paper coverings for home decor. The design is laser cut onto a wood platter with a small cavity to hold jewelry on a nightstand.

The process is to laser cut this decorative art onto a wood platter.  I turn a square block on a lathe which creates the sloping edges on the underside of the platter. Next, I etch the image onto the platter and fill in the art with color ink. Finally, I form the center recess which will hold a ring on a desk or a nightstand.  Leave it in the kitchen so you have a place to secure your ring during food preparation.  This is also a great centerpiece for conversation.

If you like Art Nouveau Ring Holder there are more laser etched pieces in my store.  Some feature US Patent office patents of an early typewriter and machinery gears as well as  vintage Japanese prints. Freedom Of the Press Platter. These platters will make a great gift item for a Fifth Wedding Anniversary which happens to be wood.

There are additional items in my Etsy Shop.  Take a look http://www.etsy.com/shop/AATurning

I design all the items on this website in my studio in Montvale, NJ USA.

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